Best DAM HVAC for Hangars

With high ceilings, hangars are often difficult to heat and cool. Because many items in the hangar move throughout the space based on usage such as planes, cars, blimps, helicopters, and even cruise ships, it can be difficult to evenly condition the area. Heating and cooling where people are performing maintenance is extremely difficult as it is often tough to get the conditioned air down to ground level. With the DAM HVAC System you can direct the airflow directly where needed and not heat and cool wasted space or deal with stratification/wasted energy. With variable height options available, the DAM HVAC System can heat and cool exactly the space required; ensuring people in the space stay comfortable. With EC fan motors, DAM HVAC Systems operate at a low horsepower, reducing utility consumption over the long-term ownership of the system. One-touch controls such as NEST, allow for easy setback during non-use and immediate conditioning when needed. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to learn more about our DAM HVAC System!

Benefits and Features of the Ductless Air Management DAM HVAC System

Completely Ductless System

Even Temperatures Throughout Your Facility

Flexible Ground-Mounted Placement

Low Horsepower EC Fan Motors

One-Touch Controls

Gas-Free Heating

Simplified Installation

Easy Routine Maintenance

Quiet Operation

Low Cost Long-Term Utilities

Long Product Life

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