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Best DAM HVAC for Breweries / Microbreweries

With a lot of people often packed into a small space, using DAM HVAC to heat and/or cool your brewery, pub, or beer hall, is often the best way to ensure everyone stays comfortable and continues having a great time. DAM HVAC Systems can be used in the actual brewery/production area, restaurant or bar area, pub, or a hospitality area/beer hall. Because the majority of microbreweries have tall ceilings, and large open spaces, the DAM HVAC System is an easy way to condition the space. The low horsepower ECM axial fans are so quiet; they make a great addition to spaces where people will be present holding conversations and where live music may occur. How many times have you been in a restaurant or bar and one area is freezing and another section is warm and uncomfortable? The Ductless Air Management (DAM) HVAC System also delivers the conditioned air exactly where it’s needed, eliminating areas where patrons may become uncomfortable due to poor air distribution with other systems. With various height options and adjustable louvers, you can more accurately condition your facility compared to ducted systems. The small footprint system adds to the aesthetic of an area with a slate or gray exterior and the option to be built directly into a cabinet. Adding heating and/or cooling to your brewery, pub, beer hall, or restaurant has never been so DAM easy! What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to learn more about our DAM HVAC System!

Benefits and Features of the Ductless Air Management DAM HVAC System

Completely Ductless System

Even Temperatures Throughout Your Facility

Flexible Ground-Mounted Placement

Low Horsepower EC Fan Motors

One-Touch Controls

Gas-Free Heating

Simplified Installation

Easy Routine Maintenance

Quiet Operation

Low Cost Long-Term Utilities

Long Product Life

DAM Simple
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