Best DAM HVAC for Gymnasiums

Gymnasiums are one of the most difficult areas to condition. Often they hold hundreds or thousands of people for everything from games to graduation and it becomes extremely difficult to ensure everyone is comfortable in a space that often has high ceilings and ductwork that makes it difficult to get the conditioned air to the ground-level. Additionally, with bleachers, staging, and often sporting equipment, floor space is a premium. That’s where the DAM HVAC System really excels. With a footprint of only a few square feet, you can easily retrofit a gymnasium and add heating and/or cooling without difficulty. The DAM HVAC System comes in two models, a 20-ton size and a 10-ton size, both delivering a big punch of heating and cooling in a small package. The 20-ton model features up to 23 tons of cooling capacity and 240 MBH of heating output while the 10-ton model features 12 tons of cooling capacity and up to 120 MBH of heating output. With only one, (1) horsepower ECM fan motor in the 10-ton system and two, (1) horsepower ECM fan motors in the 20-ton model, the system operates efficiently and quietly, both extremely important factors when events are going on in the gymnasium. Because gymnasium cooling and gymnasium heating is often difficult, Ductless Air Management helps to deliver the conditioned air to the ground-level while also providing filtration to ensure everyone is breathing clean, conditioned air. Also, because the systems are ground-mounted, you eliminate the need for rooftop penetrations which often result in leaking on expensive hardwood floors and other mixed-material flooring. Adding heating and/or cooling to your gymnasium has never been so DAM easy! What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to learn more about our DAM HVAC System!

Benefits and Features of the Ductless Air Management DAM HVAC System

Completely Ductless System

Even Temperatures Throughout Your Facility

Flexible Ground-Mounted Placement

Low Horsepower EC Fan Motors

One-Touch Controls

Gas-Free Heating

Simplified Installation

Easy Routine Maintenance

Quiet Operation

Low Cost Long-Term Utilities

Long Product Life

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