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Best DAM HVAC for Fabrication / Tooling

Visit most fabrication and tooling facilities in the winter and everyone has gloves and jackets on, visit the same facility in the middle of the summer, and everyone is sweating. This is because many fabrication and tooling facilities aren’t conditioned, and if they are, the conditioned air has a difficult time reaching where the employees actually are…at ground level! Heating and cooling fabrication and tooling facilities can often be difficult because of the equipment and product that often exists in the space and creates challenges for even temperatures in the building. DAM HVAC Systems make a great retrofit or new construction option for heating and/or cooling these types of spaces because the system can easily be tucked into a corner or along a wall and reach the intended target, your employees. Maintaining a comfortable, even temperature throughout a facility is a great way to reduce turnover and to create happier and more efficient employees. Additionally, with so many companies conditioning their facilities, it is often a prerequisite for ensuring your employees don’t just walk down the street to the facility that is heated and/or cooled and work there. With low horsepower EC Fan motors and a simple, compact design, the DAM HVAC System can easily be added without costing as much as traditional heating and cooling systems both in upfront costs and long-term utility consumption, and the fans don’t create even more loud noise to what is typically an already noisy environment. The DAM HVAC System can be easily controlled as simply as your home HVAC, with a return-air thermostat and NEST program. The Slate or Light Gray standard exterior color options also blend in nicely to a new or existing building. With a compact footprint, it would be hard not to find a space in your facility where the DAM HVAC System could fit. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to learn more about our DAM HVAC System!

Benefits and Features of the Ductless Air Management DAM HVAC System

Completely Ductless System

Even Temperatures Throughout Your Facility

Flexible Ground-Mounted Placement

Low Horsepower EC Fan Motors

One-Touch Controls

Gas-Free Heating

Simplified Installation

Easy Routine Maintenance

Quiet Operation

Low Cost Long-Term Utilities

Long Product Life

DAM Simple
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