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Perfect for Buildings Between 3,000 and 18,000 square feet!

What makes Ductless Air Management ® (DAM), the best HVAC System on the market? Well, for starters the system can easily be placed anywhere in a facility and is a good fit in for both retrofit and new construction applications, blending into the overall area seamlessly and with little impact. The DAM HVAC System also doesn’t require any ductwork, meaning your space maintains even temperatures throughout instead of dumping all the heating and/or cooling in just a few spots. Customers also experience cost savings compared to other types of HVAC units because of the highly-efficient and extremely quiet, ECM axial fans. The EC fan motors on the DAM HVAC System operate at only one horsepower! Lastly, because the systems are ground-mounted and have an extremely small footprint for the amount of heating and/or cooling they provide, they don’t require additional structural rooftop steel, nor will they leak in your space or require penetrations in the roof. These points and many, many more are the reason we call this system the BEST DAM HVAC ON THE MARKET!

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With Invisible Duct Technology
Why do we call it Ductless Air Management (DAM)? It’s because our HVAC System is designed to condition a space directly, without the need for ductwork. This eliminates cost and complications caused by inefficient application and positioning of the ductwork and the creation of hot and cold spots in a facility. The DAM System delivers the heating and/or cooling directly to your space, ensuring your building maintains the temperature you want. By moving a large volume of air, gently, the DAM HVAC System provides heating and/or cooling directly to the source. Ductless Air Management (DAM) is the most efficient and optimal way to condition small, open-span buildings between 3,000 and 18,000 square feet.

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Some DAM
Common Applications

Breweries / Microbreweries

With a lot of people often packed into a small space, using DAM HVAC to heat and/or cool your brewery, pub, or beer hall, is often the best way to ensure everyone stays comfortable and continues having a great time.
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Manufacturing / Workshops

DAM HVAC Systems make a great retrofit or new construction option for heating and cooling manufacturing spaces because they can easily be tucked into a corner or along a wall and reach the intended target, your employees.
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Auto Shops

There’s no need to suffer through brutal extreme weather months when you could easily add DAM HVAC Systems to an existing or new auto or mechanic shop; the system can be added to a space, maintain conditioning, and stay out of the way of the existing equipment needed to run the shop.
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With bleachers, staging, and often sporting equipment, floor space is a premium in gymnasiums. That’s where the DAM HVAC System really excels. With a footprint of only a few feet, you can easily retrofit a gymnasium and add heating and/or cooling without difficulty.
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