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Best DAM HVAC for Airport Terminals

Airport terminals often have areas where the heating and cooling system isn’t efficiently conditioning, whether that’s because of old distribution design, heat gain from large windows, or simply a large number of people that gather in a specific area often. With the higher number of travelers over the last handful of years, many airport terminals weren’t designed originally with the same number of people in mind that often fill them today. Because of the flexible placement and small compact design, the DAM HVAC System can easily be added to an existing or new airport terminal to condition a specific area. The easy placement, small compact design, and no need for ductwork, allows you to add heating and/or cooling to a new or existing terminal much more cost effectively than redoing a large, main system. With filtration and low horsepower EC fan motors, the DAM HVAC System provides a big punch in a small compact footprint. Additionally, the DAM HVAC System can be placed against a wall or column and even enclosed with building materials to retain the aesthetic of the terminal. Sufficiently heating and/or cooling a terminal is just one of the many items that can improve a traveler’s overall opinion of the airport and leave a positive impression. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to learn more about our DAM HVAC System!

Benefits and Features of the Ductless Air Management DAM HVAC System

Completely Ductless System

Even Temperatures Throughout Your Facility

Flexible Ground-Mounted Placement

Low Horsepower EC Fan Motors

One-Touch Controls

Gas-Free Heating

Simplified Installation

Easy Routine Maintenance

Quiet Operation

Low Cost Long-Term Utilities

Long Product Life

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